PWM Amplifier
VSA-1530-1 Servo Amplifier Module

Our Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) Servo Amplifiers are designed for cost sensitive high-performance OEM applications. These fully digital servo amplifiers are available in a variety of power ranges to drive three-phase brushless motors (AC servo), single-phase brush-type motors (DC servo) or voice coils. These amplifiers can operate in position mode, velocity mode, torque mode or 2-phase external commutation mode.

Commutation options include sinusoidal or field oriented control (FOC) from a motor mounted encoder, externally commutated 2-phase sine input or trapezoidal commutation using motor mounted hall sensors. Analog +/-10VDC command inputs or serial commands are used for velocity mode and torque control. Position commands are sent via the high-speed USB or RS-232 serial interface.

The design of these amplifiers includes an on-board high-speed DSP which performs the PID loop control as well as monitors all key system functions in real-time to protect the amplifier in the event of a system fault. An intelligent operating system allows setup and storage of all system parameters through a simple serial interface. The interface can also be used to view all operating parameters. Non-volatile memory provides storage of the parameters during power off conditions.

A 7-segment LED display provides real-time monitoring of system status. The DSP disables the motor outputs and displays an error code in the event of a detected fault condition.

Various packaging and connector options are available, including a simple 15-pin connector version for 2-phase sine mode, an AC line powered stand-alone package, and multi-axis baseplates.

PWM Servo Amplifier

VSA-1530-2 Servo Amplifier  Module
PWM Servo Amplifier
VSA-1530-SA Stand Alone PWM Servo Amplifier


VSA-1530 15 Amps Continuous/30 Amps Peak
VSA-2050 20 Amps Continuous/50 Amps Peak


Motor Phases R,S,T
Encoder/Hall Power +5, Common
D/A Output (Programmable by user)
Fault (Open Collector, +5 pull-up)
Encoder A, A\, B, B\, C, C\ (buffered motor encoder)
4 user programmable functions


Command A, +/-10VDC, Single Ended or Differential
Command B, +/-10VDC , Single Ended or Differential
4 user programmable functions
Dedicated inputs - Reset, Enable
Hall Sensors A, B, C
Motor Temperature Switch
Encoder A, A\, B, B\, C, C\ (Single-Ended or Differential)
Bus Voltage or AC Line Input


Sinusoidal using Quadrature Encoder, +/-10VDC using Command A
External 2-Phase Sinusoidal, +/-10VDC using Command A & B
Trapezoidal, +/-10VDC using Command A


DSP Fault
NVM Fault
Hall Sensor Fault
Encoder Fault
Amplifier Over Temperature
Motor Over Temperature
Absolute Over Current
I2T Over Current
Bus Over Voltage
Bus Under Voltage
5VDC Reference Fault


RS-232 or USB


7 Segment RED LED for system status


0-50° C Operating
-40 to 85° C Storage
5-95% Relative Humidity. Non-condensing


DC Bus Voltage 20-90VDC or 70-340VDC (Modules)

AC Line Voltage 80-240VAC (Stand Alone)


Module (Requires External DC Bus Voltage)
Stand Alone (Includes Power Supply)
Multi-Axis (Can include Power Supply)
3U (Please contact factory for details)


Breakout modules for I/O connections


  • Full digital control of brushless and brush-type motors
  • PWM output control for efficient operation
  • Position/Velocity/Torque modes
  • Drives rotary or linear motor loads
  • Non-volatile storage of all system parameters
  • Serial user interface for programming/monitoring
  • Sinusoidal, trapezoidal, or external commutation
  • Serial, pulse train or analog command inputs
  • Dedicated and general purpose user I/O
  • 7-Segment LED shows status in real time
  • Programmable D/A for analog monitoring
  • Compact design saves panel space
  • On-board DSP provides real-time fault monitoring & protection
  • Multiple power ranges and packaging options
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